e107bb [phpBB integration for e107]

e107bb [phpBB integration for e107]

e107bb is a plugin that allows you to integrate and use phpBB in e107. This plugin supports normal phpBB MODs and styles, and you can even integrate your website e107 theme with the phpBB style!

This plugin is no longer supported.

The latest testing version is e107bb 3.1.t1


Some Features:

  • Theme integrator
  • Importer (beta)
  • phpBB or e107 auth mode
  • Installable like a normal plugin
  • Works with existing phpBB forums
  • Works with any phpBB mod or theme


  • e107 0.7.6+
  • phpBB 3.0+

Development Team
Diogo Gonçalves

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